Game Haven

About a 30-minute drive from Blantyre is a small private game reserve/country club/lodge called Game Haven. Our group went there December 7-8 and found it to be a nice respite from the city. We enjoyed a wildlife walk on Saturday and a bird walk on Sunday, although I am now struggling to remember the names of all the birds and animals. Some of our group also took a bike ride around the park Sunday afternoon, but I had exam questions to write, so I sat outside under the trees and enjoyed my temporary workspace. We did not golf, but did enjoy the pool, the food, live music, and the open spaces.

Game Haven also a popular place for meetings and conferences. In fact, Chris Beach and I were sitting on a couch in the lobby, disheveled and sweating profusely after our bird walk, when a beautiful bride in a puffy princess dress sat down between us and used the mzungus (white people) as props for her wedding album photos!

Apologies again for my less-than-expert photography, but these are my best photos from there:

How to protect your saplings from the giraffes and wildlife.
Zebras allowed us to approach. There aren’t predators in this reserve, so the animals seemed more relaxed.
But not this mother and her days-old foal.
The giraffe was also unafraid.
Zebras and Wildebeests
A beautiful locust.

6 thoughts on “Game Haven

  1. Cool photos! Thanks for sharing! I honestly never knew a locust could be so colorful! (I have to confess that I was hoping to see the photo of you and the bride!)


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